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First things first, let me thank you for joining the BETA program. I hope you’ll enjoy being part of our journey.

Don’t forget to share your first impressions by using the FEEDBACK button. It would mean the world to us.

Let me show you what’s changed in the brand-new user story map.

The main concept of the NextGen Story Map is to tailor the user experience to the usages.

Instead of messing everything on the board, we created multiple VIEWS to show the right amount of information on the cards.

Try the NextGen Story Map out!

Hit the chat widget in the bottom-right corner and message us. We're here to turn the feature on.

☝🏻 While the NextGen Story Map interface is continuously improving, you can return to the classic story map anytime. If you open a story map, it will jump to the last used view.

☝🏻 Team members who don't want to participate can continue working in Classic view.

☝🏻 If you don't find a feature that worked on the classic story map, you can jump back.

What is better? What do you think could be improved? Share your thoughts!

Discovery view

This view provides a lightweight overview of the board — so you can focus on what matters, mapping the narrative flow and collecting user stories.

Similarly to the old story map, you can create cards either with your mouse or your keyboard.

If you’re new to keyboard shortcuts? Open the keyboard helper, which shows the available keyboard commands.

...and here’s where we added a brand new feature. You can add a short description without opening the user story card by hitting D. You can still update the card title with T.

Our users provided multiple requests on the card color experience, so we tried to make it more comfortable. You can use the card color menu like you would pick a different block of sticky notes. After selecting a new color, all the newly created cards will have the same color. Colors are indicated on the left side of the cards.

Planning view

This view helps you to prioritize and organize the backlog into releases.

In order to mark priorities on the story cards, we added a lightweight block to rate priority, business value, and effort.

In the brand new releases menu, you can manage iterations easily. Instead of dragging large releases on the board, you can rearrange them with a few movements.

Backlog view

This view is for adding specifications and story points and does manage your backlog and follow status changes.

The quick estimation widget helps you to adjust story points with your mouse or your keyboard.

Tracking View

This view allows to analyse and track releases with a simplified, Kanban-style list view of issues in the release. It provides additional information such as annotations on cards or release summary and reports helps on large maps to track the status or estimations of the project.

How to enable the NextGen Story Map on your workspace?

To try the NextGen interface, please send a message for our team in the chat.

💡 Tip :

  • You can any time switch between the NextGen interface and the Classic story map view.

  • You won't lose any data using the NextGen story map interface on your workspace.

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