Workspace Settings

Learn about all settings available on your workspace.

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How to access Workspace settings

To access your Workspace settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit your dashboard

  2. Click on your user

  3. Select “Workspace settings”

Workspace details

Under workspace settings, you can manage the following details:

  • Edit workspace name

  • Edit workspace description

  • Edit workspace address
    ⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ : Please keep in mind if you change the subdomain, the workspace will no longer be available on its former URL. After you save the new settings, you will be redirected to the new address.

  • Access workspace creation date and creator’s name

  • Access Subscription Admin’s information

  • Access Workspace Admin’s information

  • Access workspace member’s summary

  • Access story map’s summary

Advanced workspace security

StoriesOnBoard offers advanced security in Pro and Premium plans, including the following possibilities:

  • Email domain based access control

  • Approved IP ranges

  • Workspace access history

  • Workspace audit log

  • Domain control

Learn more about Advanced Security Features in Workspace Security summary.

Close workspace

In case you wish to close your workspace you can delete your workspace. If you wish to keep your access as read-only, please reach out to our teams via the built in chat.

Before you go, please help us to understand what you miss on StoriesOnBoard and help us to become better in the future. We would love to know your opinion about how we can improve our services. We appreciate your kind feedback in advance.

Please, note that deleing your workspace cannot be undone!

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