January 2023

Release view updates, assignee improvements, new card design

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Jan 31

Our product team is working on something that will be epic. In the meantime, let us share the latest updates.

Assignees on release view

We continued the assignment experience on the Release view. If you want to have a closer look at a release, you can jump into the release view, where your scope is narrowed to a single release.

In this kanban-style view, you can follow the current iteration. Now, you're able to assign tasks to team members (even to viewers) without opening the user story. Assignees are marked on each card where you can assign or re-assign them.

New card design

In order to provide a way better overview of the card details, we massively redesigned it. Now you can easily scroll through longer descriptions or comments without losing the critical preferences of a user story. All the important details are pinned to the top of the card and on the right panel.

It also means that you can change personas and assignees on the card detail view.

The new card design is available on the release view and also when opening a card via external links.

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