April 2022

StoriesOnBoard product updates for April

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April 13

Release view updates

According to your requests, we massively improved the Release View. Here is the list of what we changed:

Show/hide parent cards

From now, parent cards of the user stories can be highlighted on the Release View as well. Only cards with user stories are visualized in this section, top-level cards without user stories remain hidden.

Showing the parents (activity card, task card) of a user story can help a lot in understanding the context. That's why we highlight them when hovering a user story card. Plus, you can see the parent card right above the story card when it's hovered.

The parent cards section can be used as a filter — click a top-level card to narrow down the scope to its user stories. Moreover, you can extend the filter if you select multiple cards.

Estimations are visible both on columns (status) and on cards.

A new menu was added to each column where you can move all cards of the column to the next release, or you can push them to the connected issue tracker.

If you open a story card you can find additional information about estimation and parent cards as well.

Are you using multiple annotations? This feature will save a lot of space on the cards: Simply click on the annotations to minimize them, or click them again to extend them.

We reopened the feedback panel on the top of the Release View, so don't forget to drop us a message with your ideas. ✌️

April 8

Jira updates

  • bug fixes

  • fixed the initial status of a user story after pushing it to Jira

  • change the authenticated Jira instance

  • you can create a webhook via personal access token

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