How to sync estimation field with Story points in Jira
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How to sync estimation field with Story points in Jira?

To be able to send the estimation as Story points in Jira the Story points custom field needs to be visible at the Project's Default Issue Screen.

If you have encountered this error message please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Jira as the same user you used to set up the integration with StoriesOnBoard.

2. Open Settings / Issues / Screens

3. Search for your Project and select the Configure button at the «Project Key» Default Screen Scheme

Fields appearing on these screens can be updated from StoriesOnBoard through Jira's API, on this Configuration Screen you can see the corresponding fields for this type of issue.

4. If you do not see Story points added to the Field Tab, you can add it at the bottom of the page (You can use the search bar to search 'Story Points'):

5. Create a new issue and check if the Story Points field is appearing on the create screen

6. Open StoriesOnBoard and the story map you'd like to sync with Jira

7. Open Board settings / Issue tracker integration and if you have previously encountered not supported estimation values click on 'Validate configuration'

If the fields are accepted you should receive this banner after validating.

8. Click on Save

Try to edit the estimation field on a pushed card on the board. The changes should be updated in Jira.

Please contact us using the chat if you encounter problems.

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