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March 2022

StoriesOnBoard release notes for March 2022.

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March 7

StoriesOnBoard Feedback Portal

Say goodbye to 'Public Roadmap' and say hello to Portal.

In order to make the functions' purpose clear, we updated the name and its functionality of the Portal (ex-public roadmap). The Portal became a place where you can create and share your product's feature ideas, collect feedback on them and get fresh news insights from your end-users.

The internal view of the Portal is now a preview space where you can control every single detail of your feedback portal before you publish it.

Create multiple portals with the same workspace

Working with different audiences? No problem with StoriesOnBoard. Create a portal for each audience by sharing a different part of your idea board. Eg. create a public portal for your end-users and create another one for your legacy or enterprise customers.

Major updates on adding ideas to the roadmap

Managing visibility settings on the idea card can be confusing — especially when running multiple portals. That's why we changed how you can publish ideas on a portal. Simply click the 'Add items' on the top right corner and select lists you'd like to publish. You can narrow the scope by picking idea labels within this menu.

Further updates

  • you can set the visibility setting of your portal: Draft / Public

  • you can change the portal's title and description by clicking the 'Settings' menu

Changes in user rights

  • workspace members who can access the feedback management can edit and create multiple portals

  • observers have access to the portal preview, but can't comment on the card and they are not allowed to upvote an item (they can upvote features on the public URL)

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