February 2022

StoriesOnBoard release notes for February 2022. Release view and minor improvements.

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February 22

Manage dozens of ideas with filters and saved views

Managing your idea board can become exhausting when working over 50 ideas of multiple products or components. We added the filter option to narrow your scope while updating ideas to make your life easier.

You can filter your idea board by labels or lists with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can save your favorite filter settings on the idea board, and your teammates can also use these saved settings

Everything you can do on the idea board in the default (unfiltered) view is also available in a saved view.
Tips for using filters and saved views:

  • use labels to mark different products or components

  • create a saved view for each product

  • use list filters if you would like to see only a particular part of the board, eg, the published lists.

Availability: This feature is available in all subscription plans.

UX improvements on the idea board

In addition to the filters and saved views, we have updated the entire idea board to provide a better user experience:

  • you can move cards between lists by opening the "..." menu and selecting the move option (say goodbye to dragging cards over multiple lists)

  • you can insert a new list (idea state) whenever you want by clicking the "..." on the top of a list

  • using the search function hides empty lists from the search results

Create a template from an existing story map

We received dozens of feedback on updating the story map template feature because they already had story maps that could be used as a template. Your request means the world to us! The new "Copy story map as a template" function is added to the '...' menu. What will happen when you click on it?

  • you should give a name for the new template

  • the new template will be created and opened

  • the original story map remains untouched, so you can continue working on it later

Archive annotations

If you have ever struggled with too many annotations, this feature is for you. Simply click on the archive function when editing an annotation. Archived annotations still remain on the respective cards but won't be visible in the annotation selector when adding a new tag to the card.

February 9

Status report update

Custom workflows changed the way we prepare board-ready status reports. Based on your requests we updated the pie chart, so all workflow states all highlighted.

We kept all the functionality you loved in this report:

  • hovering a piece of the pie chart highlights more detail

  • you get notified when unestimated cards are added to the release

  • clicking on any status, will filter out related cards

February 7

Release view - BETA

Have you ever struggled with quick overviewing of the current iteration? If you do the story mapping like a pro and get a wide story map, you need to scroll to see all the related cards. To overcome this problem, we developed the release view which gives you the ability to see what's going on with tasks on a Kanban-style board.

The primary role of this view is to have an overview of the current sprint, but you can edit story cards (title and description), and move them between states.

Each release view has a unique link that can be shared with clients or external team members.


This feature is available in BETA, we'll improve its functionality based on your feedback. So, don't forget to rate your experience and leave a short message if you have any ideas or recommendations.

  • This view is available to users added to the story map. We're planning on adding easier sharing options too.

  • The release view gets updated automatically when you make changes on any card on the board, but you should refresh the page to see changes made by someone else. Keeping this board in real-time sync with the user story map is on the way.

  • Managing workflows, editing descriptions from this view are also on the way.

  • Card order won't be synced with your external issue tracker this time.

Availability: This feature is available in all subscription plans.

Edit story map card title and description

As we previously announced opening story map cards is now easier when you got mentioned or working on other parts of StoriesOnBoard. After opening and commenting on a story map card - without loading the entire story map - now you can edit the title and description as well.

Availability: This feature is available in all subscription plans.

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