January 2022

StoriesOnBoard release notes for January 2022. Custom workflows, story map templates, and minor improvements.

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January 25

Story map templates

We have developed the Story map templates to save you time on customizing your story map when launching a new project. Now you can create a template based on your team's preference by customizing:

  • custom workflow

  • card colors and names

  • annotations

  • pre-set of story cards (if projects start from the same structure)

  • user personas

  • team members with access rights

The story map templates menu can be opened from the main navigation panel to create and manage templates. There are two types of story map templates:

  • private templates - only you and added members can reuse the template -> it's helpful when different teams have unique workflows

  • workspace visible templates - all workspace members (who can create a story map) can use the template when starting a new story map

Availability: This feature is available in all subscription plans.

January 19

Mobile-friendly user story cards

Answer mentions super-fast even from mobile with the new view of the story map cards. Plus, it fits desktops, tablets, and even mobile screens. You can open any card without loading the whole story map when you get notified via email or Slack.

What you can do in this view:

  • you can read the whole description

  • open the attachments

  • post new comments and reply to mentions

  • change the card's status (eg.: the customer signed off the user story)

p.s.: editing title and description is right around the corner

Would you share this quick view with your clients? This is easy, hit the new icon on the top right corner to copy the card's shareable link to the clipboard.

There is one more thing... This feature can save your life if you get mentioned on a story card while working on the idea board. Hit the bell icon on the workspace top navigation bar and open the notifications. This allows you to open the story card right over the idea board, and when you're done with this card, you can continue working with your feature ideas.

Availability: This feature is available in all subscription plans.

January 11

Custom workflow

Stuck with the four predefined statues? We can feel for you. Drumroll...and one of the most requested features is finally here. Say hello to custom workflow.

Now you can create as many statuses as you want to tailor the story map to your needs. Moreover, you can customize colors for each status to boost story maps' visuality. We grouped states into three categories: To Do, Active, and Done to help you keep everything organized.

If your story map is linked to an issue tracker mapping states between the two tools is tremendously easy.

FYI: Only story map admins can access the workflow settings.

Having new workflow states won't break your Excel import/export. New states are added to the Excel export and creating a story map from excel works properly from both standard and custom workflow files.

Best practices

  • tailor the story map's workflow if your planning process contains multiple states like 'spec needed' or 'DOD needed'.

  • custom states are helpful when working with clients, eg.: planned/signed off/etc

  • pick a different color if a state requires your interaction like 'blocked', 'TBD', 'Acceptance' etc.


At the moment release status reports highlight only the status categories, but we'll update it shortly, to get a detailed report of your iteration.

Availability: This feature is available in STANDARD and PRO subscription plans.

Minor improvements

  • we've shortened the onboarding flow - good news to newcomers 😉

  • tags are visible on attached insights as well

  • corporate subscription admins can turn on/off notification when a user gets the license

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