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Release synchronization setup with Jira
Release synchronization setup with Jira

This article is for those who have active connection between StoriesOnBoard and Jira.

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To prevent any issues with the integration of Jira please follow these simple steps. Depending on you have manual or automatic setup of the integration there are two ways to do that.

After you performed the steps below, please make sure that the release synchronization is enabled on your story map as well in "... / Board settings / Issue tracker integration".

The first is for the users who set up the integration AUTOMATICALLY.

Please go to your workspace settings than:

  1. Select "Jira integration settings"

  2. Click on "Disable integration"

  3. Click on "Enable integration"

Like this, users with automatic setup are good to go.

This part is for users who set up their integration MANUALLY.

First of all, the person who will change the setup must have global permissions in Jira.

Please go to "Settings / System / WebHooks"

In the list, select the webhook(s) for stories on board, then click "Edit". Under "Project related events / Version" make sure you check the following boxes:

  1. released

  2. updated

  3. deleted

After that just go to the bottom of the page and hit the SAVE button.

Please note that the process is the same with the on-premise versions of Jira, but the settings menu may look a little bit different.

So that's quite it, hope you managed to make these changes without any problem. If you still stuck with anything just contact us and we will help to solve the issue.

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