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There is an easy way to find story maps on your workspace, let's see how.

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There is a quite new feature in StoriesOnBoard which you can use to find a story map on the dashboard and in the collections.

The search panel can be accessed by the "Find map" button or by using the "Ctrl + F" (Ctrl on Mac too) shortcut, the same shortcut is closing the panel: 

The panel is really easy to use, once we start to type in the name or part of the name in the input field, the search results will be listed immediately above:

If we click on the name of the story map we can open it, or we can choose story maps as favorites using the little star icon next to their names. 

The "Pin search panel" switch makes the panel always visible, that means if we open a story map than get back to the dashboard we don't need to open the search panel again, it will be there until we turn off the pin switch.

In the search results list, we can see if a story map is in any collection or outside of collections. This search panel, combined with collections is the ultimate solution for story map managing. Please note that the search panel is available for any user, but the collections feature is only available for users who have the standard plan or above.

You can also search story maps and jump to recently viewed ones directly from a story map by using the dropdown menu next to the name of the story map:

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