You can import an excel backlog when creating a map. 

Please scroll down and click on advanced options 

and select create by import. 

Use a template similar to this one:

Download the example spreadsheet from here: backlog-example.xls
The rules for the spreadsheet:

  • The first row contains column labels. They are not processed by the importer, they are just there to help you identify which column should contain which kind of data.
  • Each of the others rows will be used to create white cards on the map. They will be placed under blue and yellow cards with titles taken from Column A and B. The example spreadsheet above will be imported as seen here:
  • The order of the columns is important. Column A should be the highest level of cards (blue cards), Column B should be the second level (yellow cards), etc, as seen in the sample spreadsheet.
  • Descriptions for the blue and the yellow cards can be added as cell comments to the cells with their title. You only need to add them to the first occurrence if the same card is repeated in multiple rows. In the example above, I could just add the description of "Ordering" blue card in cell A4 as a cell comment.
  • Possible values for the statuses: Todo, Doing, Ready, Done

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