Does a viewer need to set up an account with StoriesOnBoard? If so, any charges for that?
No, a viewer does not have to create a new workspace, they are not considered as editors, so their number is not limited. Since our pricing based on the numbers of editors within each workspace, Observers are free.

Is it possible to give access to multiple story maps at the same time for one user?
One person can get rights for multiple story maps by Admins or Subscription Admins.
They can set it under their workspace /Manage/ Story maps by choosing Collaborators panel and they can change the roles for each user of the story map.

My subscription is saying I have exceeded the number of editors allowed, but my license is for 6 editors...
We count the following user roles as Editors: Subscription Admins, Admins, and Members on a workspace level. If you set one, or some of the workspace members to Observer, the message will disappear.

The previous Subscription Admin of the workspace has left our company. Could you please set my role to a new Subscription Admin and set my billing details instead of the old one?
Answer: Please try to contact your coworker to change your role to a Subscription Admin, or another Subscription Admin of the workspace also can change your user role. After it has been altered, you can easily change your billing information under Manage by choosing Plan and Billing section from the drop-down menu. 

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