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Learn how you can setup Slack for notifications.

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You can improve team communication and stay updated in all time by connection Slack to StoriesOnBoard. This will allow you to receive notification to a Slack channel. You can customize which activity should be sent into the channel.

Please note that each users must log in to StoriesOnBoard and follow the steps below to enable Slack notifications.

How to setup Slack integration

  1. Open the story map (Classic interface)

  2. Select the personal menu

  3. Click to "Connect to Slack"

  4. Provide the permission to your workspace

  5. Click "Allow"

  6. Customize your notification settings

  7. Click "Save"

  8. Open your Slack

  9. You will find StoriesOnBoard under the "Apps" field

Step-by-step guide to setup Slack integration

Open the story map you want to setup the Slack integration with. Navigate to your personal menu and select "Connect to Slack".

Select your Slack workspace and allow permissions.

You can customize what do you wish to receive notification about.

Once you setup the Slack integration you can access "Notification settings" in your personal menu as it shown below.

If all went well, you should be able to find StoriesOnBoard on Slack under the "Apps" section. Updates will be displayed here.

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