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Corporate subscriptions in StoriesOnBoard
Corporate subscriptions in StoriesOnBoard

This article will cover the process of setting up a corporate subscription in StoriesOnBoard.

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Corporate licenses are really useful for companies with a need for multiple workspaces and to manage a large number of users in the subscription. Also to determine who can access the workspaces by their email domain.

Setting up the subscription

Our team will prepare the subscription in our administration interface by adding the workspaces, domains, the number of available seats, and a user(s) who will be the corporate license manager(s). The license manager(s) will be able to add or remove the users from the corporate subscription in StoriesOnBoard.

Corporate subscription settings

The license manager will get an additional menu in StoriesOnBoard.

When a user signs up, they need a license to be able to use StoriesOnBoard. They will get a message with instructions about how to get a license.

The notifications can be unique for each workspace or subscription and can be set by the license manager.

These notifications are written by the license manager and it is important to be clear because those notifications will be the first thing the users face if they are trying to access the workspace without a corporate license.

The first part is for the end-users.

And the second is for workspace admins.

Adding users to the corporate subscription

On the licenses tab, the license manager can assign users to the corporate subscription.

It can be done by the "Assign new license" button.

It is possible to add multiple licenses at once, separated by a comma, semicolon, new line, or space.

On the Licenses tab, the license manager can also see that how many licenses are in use, the last time the users were logged in to a corporate account, and have the ability to remove licenses.

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