Purpose of the public roadmap

The public roadmap allows you to share your idea board (or some parts of your idea board) with stakeholders or team members. Invite users as 'observers' to Feedback Management so they can access only the roadmap.

How to use the public roadmap

Step 1: Set visible lists

Step 2: Set ideas to visible

Step 3: Create visible labels (optional)

Step 4: Add public description (optional)

You can add a public description if you'd like to display different text on the roadmap (eg.: there are too many technical details in your description). If you don't add a public description, the standard description will be visible on the roadmap.

Step 5: Customize the roadmap

You can rename the roadmap and add a description as well. What can be added to the description:

  • short intro of the product (or roadmap)

  • information such as an email address

  • asking for comments or new insights

  • commenting rules

User roles on the public roadmap

Observers: they can access the public roadmap, open ideas, leave comments on ideas, and submit a new insight.

Members: can set ideas, lists, and labels visible on the roadmap, and they can hide them as well. Members can turn on/off and edit public descriptions. These settings can be managed on the 'Idea" screen. They can rename the roadmap and extend it with a description on the 'Public roadmap' view.

Subscription Admin, Admin: can invite observers.

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