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This article will help you to channel your emails into the Feedback Management tool as insights.

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How can you collect insights via email?

Feedback and ideas are coming from many directions. In our feedback portal, you can collect the ideas via email, which means if your clients are replying to a specific email address, their emails will show up as insights in the Feedback portal.

💡Few tips

As the auto-generated email address will probably contain lots of random characters, sharing that would not be recommended. Let me share a few tips according to this:

  • Provide the generated email by cc in the emails for your clients and if they choose to reply all, the copy of their reply will show up as an insight in the Feedback portal

  • The next one is to set up an auto-forward rule in your mailing client, for example, use a filter like from the all the mails will show up as insight in the Feedback portal

  • Also, it is possible to create your email address with your own domain and set up an auto-forward rule in the server settings

  • Gsuite users can create a group on the gsuite admin page, that will create an email like and just need to add the mail generated by the Feedback portal

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