We hope you like the intuitive and more flexible design! We always strive to improve our services and keep StoriesOnBoard easy to use. We understand that change sometimes can be challenging, that’s why we assembled a short guide to help you familiarize yourself with the new interface.

Workspace management

If you have one workspace you land on the dashboard every time you log in to the tool. If you have multiple workspaces, you can switch between them on the left side panel using the Profile › My workspaces menu. Workspace Admins can also create a new workspace in Create a new workspace menu. (Please note that licenses are tied to workspaces)

Subscription Admins or Admins can find all team members at the top menu bar by selecting the Manage users menu. In the Actions menu (...) you can delete or lock other collaborators. If you wish to add new team members to the workspace just select the Invite new user button. You can change the workspace user roles here as well:

Subscription Admins can manage billing information, payment information or invoices in the Manage workspace (cog icon) › Billing menu.

Story Map management

To save you the effort your latest opened story maps are displayed in the dashboard, so you can easily continue your work with just one click. By selecting Story maps menu you can see your story maps and you can also Manage story maps and Manage collections in the top menu bar.

We also made it easier to share your projects and ideas with other collaborators. Invite other stakeholders or collaborators with an invitation link, or by email at Manage workspace (cog icon) › Manage Story maps › … › Edit › Collaborators. You can directly invite others from your story map by clicking on the Share button located on the menu bar.

With our new Copy users from story map feature you can easily add additional collaborators with the same user roles. When you create a new story map it will be set to workspace visible for your team members by default. If you wish, you can easily change the visibility anytime at Manage workspace (cog icon) › Manage Story maps › … › Edit › Visibility menu.

Workspace Admins and Admins can edit and change the user roles within a Story map from the Manage workspace (cog icon) › Manage Story maps › … › Edit › Collaborators.

Feedback portal:

Our aim is to help teams to plan and build better products and we are always eager to hear your ideas and suggestions about StoriesOnBoard and the planned features. After so many coffees and brainstorming sessions, we decided to change the way we organize and utilize our customer’s valuable feedbacks and ideas, and started a new journey this year. If you select this menu you’ll find more detailed information about the feedback portal.

You can find more in our blog post.

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