The aim of this article is to show you all the necessary information about each plan.
Prices are calculated per editor. Each subscription has a workspace cost, which contains unlimited story maps with unlimited viewers and also the first editor for the workspace. Additional editors can be added according to plan and billing schedule (Monthly / Annually).

The basic plan includes everything you need to create and edit your story maps online. This plan is recommended for individual use or working in small teams online.

The standard plan includes all the features of the basic plan and more features to improve productivity and teamwork with various tool integration. This plan is recommended for small or medium teams.

The pro plan includes all the features of basic and standard plans, focusing on advanced security on your workspaces using features like SSO with SAML and security audit logging. Pro plan is recommended for enterprise use, or for teams with high-security expectations.

Billing cycles:

The monthly billing cycle includes a month-to-month payment schedule. The initial payment date will be set as the day of the recurring subscription until it is canceled.

Annual billing schedules include one payment each year which is the sum of 12 months period -20% off. This payment method is billed annually.

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