Release management in StoriesOnBoard has never been so easy, since you can do everything straight from the board view. You can access the available options by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the name of the release.

It is also possible to move releases by dragging them by their names and drop to the desired place. This way of use can be quite handy but also a little messy to do if there are many cards in the release. For this method we recommend to collapse everything by using the "Collapse all" button on the upper right menu.  

"Archive release" is putting the selected release into the archives. You can re-enable archived releases any time. The archives are located under the "..." menu:

Archiving releases is recommended when the release is no longer in use because too many cards on the board can cause performance problems. 

If you delete a release you will have the option to move the cards from the deleted release to another release or leave them unscheduled. 

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