We're sorry to see you go, but hopefully, you'll be back one day! If you wish, we can set your workspace to read-only mode, so all your information will stay there, in case you might come back later and upgrade to a new plan. Please contact our Support Team to help you with it! If you want to cancel your paid plan and delete your workspace please follow the steps below:

Open your workspace you’d like to cancel

  1. Navigate to Manage workspace
  2. Then to Plan & Billing menu 
  3. And choose "Cancel subscription"
  4. Submit your cancellation request via chat or email.

Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible with the details of the cancellation.

Please note:

  • Only a subscription admin can cancel a subscription.
  • After the subscription is canceled, the workspace also gets deleted with all its story maps in an unrecoverable way.
  • The user accounts associated with the workspace don’t get deleted, only the access to the workspace and its story maps are terminated. The user accounts can be deleted by their respective owners.

When you cancel your subscription, you aren't credited for previous payments made and we don't offer refunds. So, to get the benefit of your current payment, we advise waiting until just before your next payment is due to cancel your subscription.

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